And then there were eight: Franken groped me too, says Atlantic writer

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Presumably Tina Dupuy, the eighth accuser, will be the last one to go public. Franken will almost certainly be an ex-senator as of tomorrow morning and any other woman who’s been pawed by him and stayed silent thus far for fear of unwanted media attention will have little incentive to pile on once he’s gone.

I wonder if he’ll finally admit to having a problem in his resignation announcement or if he’s going to keep insisting that somehow eight different women misinterpreted his perfectly innocent displays of affection as something more sinister. My guess is he’ll walk a line, not flatly confessing to anything but allowing that he needs to “examine how my behavior caused these feelings of distress” or whatever and resigning in light of the fact that he’s lost the confidence of his Senate colleagues. Alice Lloyd, assessing who will and won’t survive the fury of the Pervnado,