Shock poll: Luke Skywalker is more popular than Han Solo?

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What is wrong with this country? When did our judgment go so horribly awry?

We made “The Walking Dead” a ratings juggernaut, we nominated Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president, now this. We deserve whatever Kim Jong Un has planned for us. Via Morning Consult:

Princess Leia at the top? Okay. She’s an unqualified heroine and it’s impossible not to like Carrie Fisher. Even if there’s a sympathy vote here due to her untimely passing, it’s defensible. Chewbacca and R2? I can see that. They’re guileless creatures, half-pet, half-sidekick, on the side of right every time they’re onscreen. Disliking them is like disliking E.T. Yoda? Yoda is Yoda. But Luke “Mary Sue” Skywalker, pimply messiah, over swashbuckling space pirate Han Solo? The guy who went on to star as Indiana Jones versus the guy who went on to star in “Corvette Summer”?

All I can figure is that,