Can Don Jr cite attorney/client privilege in refusing to tell Congress what he discussed with his dad?

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Seems verrrrrry shady at first blush. The issue came up during his testimony yesterday before the House Intelligence Committee, when he was asked what, if anything, he discussed with the president about that meeting Junior took with the Russian lawyer during the campaign. Junior admitted that he and dad had spoken about it this past summer, after the NYT first broke the news that the meeting had taken place and that the purpose was to see what dirt the lawyer might have on Hillary Clinton. And what did you and the president discuss specifically, the committee members asked Don Jr.

That’s privileged, he apparently answered. Attorney/client. Attorney/client?

Junior’s not a lawyer and dad sure as hell isn’t either. There was, however, at least one lawyer on the phone call between them. Is that fact alone enough to create a privileged conversation? Er, no:

Though neither Trump Jr. nor the