Should we be sending Olympic athletes to South Korea?

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The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang County, South Korea are barely two months away and that means two things for certain. First, we will once again be able to watch curling on NBC Sports, an event which almost never happens outside of this quadrennial spectacle. Equally certain is that we’ll continue the biennial tradition of arguing over why we keep moving the games around to various locations which wind up turning into either economic debacles for the host city (Vancouver), embarrassing logistical nightmares (Rio) or both. But this year there’s a new wrinkle being added to an already dubious situation. Do we really want to stage such a massive event barely fifty miles from the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula?

That’s the question which was put to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley this week. And while she wasn’t delivering a new, official policy position for the United States, she clearly