WaPo: No really, what was the reason behind assault on Rand Paul?

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The Bermuda Triangle. Jack the Ripper. The Zodiac codes and series of murders. These famous mysteries remain in the public imagination — but can we add another from Kentucky? The Washington Post tried to get to the bottom of a bizarre attack on Sen. Rand Paul last month by neighbor Rene Boucher, and still can’t quite come up with an answer:

They might have sparred over health care or taxes, but an acquaintance of both said they stood in their yards roughly a decade ago shouting at each other over the grass clippings Paul’s mower had shot on Rene Boucher’s property.

“ ‘I ask him, I tell him and he won’t pay attention,’ ” the acquaintance, Bill Goodwin, recalls Boucher saying after the argument. “ ‘One of these days.’ ”

That day may have come last month, when Boucher’s attorney said in an interview his client attacked Paul over